Saturday, September 1, 2012


Connolly's and Tompkins at Cupcake a la Mode!
Well I must first apologies to my followers…I have not posted a blog in several months, but please know that it has all been for a good cause: I have been out “field testing” or should I say “field tasting!” There are just too many cupcakes/cupcakeries and not enough time. Seriously, I have about 5 pending posts to share with everyone and I promise to make it all happen! The best advise I have received and can give is “Be calm and have a Cupcake!” My summer has been jammed packed with travels, work, and wifey/mother duties…Kennedy and I escaped Cali and headed for Kansas in July to spend time with the Connolly’s. My blog is intended to not only capture the best cupcakes but also the best cupcakeries…this includes cupcakes and cupcakeries outside of my hometown and outside of California. During my travels to Kansas, Jenn, Jax, Dane, Kennedy and myself went to Cupcake a la Mode ( in Leawood, Kansas. The cupcakery is perfectly situated in a high-end, outdoor shopping plaza (similar to The Fountains, for you Roseville folks…ps I do think if any cupcakery opened a kiosk in The Fountains they would do really well…hint, hint)! What’s better than, shopping, outdoor concerts, great dining, and cupcakes?! Upon arriving at Cupcake a la Mode, I did do some research (yes, I am calling what I do research…there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make the blog happen)…I simply go to the cupcakery’s website and learn a little bit about it, like the owners, the history, the menu, and the overall vibe! In doing this, I learned that Cupcake a la Mode focuses on taking a simple vanilla and/or chocolate cake and transforming it into a cupcake masterpiece with a variety of toppings and signature frostings…I really love that about this place! Simple, yet irresistible! Cupcake a La Mode is a chic boutique-style cupcake cafe. They serve 20 different flavors of fresh-baked gourmet cupcakes as well as a variety of signature blended coffees and teas. As soon as you walk in to this cupcakery your senses will be positively overwhelmed with the scent of sweetness and freshness. The cupcake eating experience always goes beyond the cupcake itself , and extend to the environment in which you are enjoying the cupcake…Cupcake a la Mode provides that true cupcake experience! Each cupcake is regularly priced at $3.25, but if you go on a Monday, like I did, you can taste these delectable treats for only $2. I tried the Humming Bird and Gold Digger…I was absolutely impressed with the moistness of each cupcake and the texture…YUMMY! So if your travels ever take you to Kansas or you are a dedicated Cupcake Connoisseur like me and are ready to hop on a plane now…make sure you stop at Cupcake a la Mode!

The Humming Bird Cupcake

Look at all the Flavors!

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